Piastowska restaurant is located in Chojna near the historical town of Cedynia in Zachodniopomorskie district.

Chojna and its surroundings attracts tourists who prefer to relax in the untouched nature. Piastowska Restaurant will take care of you and make your staying attractive and exciting.
There are a lot of tourists routes going through the most of the region’s attractions. For the people who are mad at cycling are different routes. most of them are picturesque but there is also a special Odra-Nysa tourists route which goes from the Izerskie Mountain to the Baltic See. Clear lakes with the various fish will give a great satisfaction to the anglers. There are also studs in Bielin and Żelichów.
Piastowska Restaurant guarantee magnificent relax with various attractions such as angling, horse riding, Nordic Walking. We organize sightseeing, fireplaces and we can also offer you a transport to Berlin, Szczecin and Świnoujście.

The main tourist attractions in the area include historical buildings situated within the town’s old market. The town’s St. Mary Catholic Church from the 15th century is a significant monument on an European scale made out of brick with stone foundation built by Henryk Brunsber from Szczecin. Another building worth visiting is the gothic town hall built by townsmen in the first half of the 14th century which hosts local authorities’ from1433. We also recommend a walk to the town walls from 13th-15th century and visiting towers and gates that are closing the town on the east and the west. There are also other sites worth visiting such as gothic Trinity Church built in the 14th century, monastery complex (some of the vaults are still preserved) or the remains of a gothic cemetery St. Gertrud Chapel. It is also worth to visit some places in the neighborhood such as an old, gothic style church built on the Romanesque foundation in 15th century as well as an unique Romanesque The Knights Templar’s chapel located in Rurka on the way from Chojna to Banie.

There is also a picturesque park in Zatonia Dolna called The Valley of Love, established on the hills on the bank of Odra in 1850. The park is a special attraction for those who seek adventures. They can enter the Devil’s Bridge, visit The Hill of Delight, walk by the ponds full of golden fish and the mysterious Klotylda’s Spring.

Thanks to being located not far away from Cedyński Scenic Park Our restaurant’s guests can enjoy the charming landscapes and get really close to the wonders of nature such as Cedyński Polder and the pearl among west Poland’s forests- Piaskowa Puszcza, which is a truly exceptional tourist attraction.

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