Have just one look at our menu and you will start feeling really hungry. The delicious dishes prepared out of the finest, fresh, ingredients by cuisine master chefs will tempt you with the exquisite taste and the aroma of spices. Our offer is quite diversified. It includes nutritious breakfasts, large dinner set meals, cold and hot appetizing snacks, soups and salads (including special “piastowska salad”) as well as fish dishes. Our guests can also find delicious vegetarian meals in our menu or choose from a wide range of desserts including ice creams, cakes and fruits. We can also prepare varied meals according to our guests preference. There is also a pub open to our guests from 4pm till the last guest leaves. The pub offers a great selection of fancy but inexpensive alcoholic beverages. We wish each celebration not only to be exceptional and successful but unforgettable as well.

Piastowska restaurant is the singular place in which you can fully enjoy the superior flavor of food and drinks while sitting comfortably in spacious interiors and listening to mild tones of piano music…

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